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Looking for 3 quotes? Get all 3 from us..

Instead of guessing what homeowners want we decided to put the power back in your hands by giving you the option to choose your own painting package.

After speaking with hundreds of homeowners and completing many homes we have developed 3 painting packages to suite a range of homeowners needs and wants. 

Fast online quotes

Do you want to get an idea of how much your home could be to paint? But you don’t want to go through the hassle of having contractors out to your home….. 

Perfect, that’s what our fast online quotes are for. Just fill out the contact form and attach some pictures of your home and we will send back prices for each of our painting packages tailored to your home. Fast easy and free!

  • Colorbond/metal gutters and fascia
  • Timber fascia
  • Soffits/eaves
  • Timber weatherboard
  • Fc sheeting
  • Rendered walls
  • Brick walls
  • Garage doors
  • Front doors
  • PVC downpipes
  • Colorbond/metal downpipes
  • Timber posts
  • Timber trim boards
  • Decks
  • Colorbond/metal roofs
  • Cement tile roofs
  • And more!
  • Aluminium windows
  • Driveways
  • Asbestos items
  • Previous lead paint
  • Ultra steep pitched roofs

Exterior Painting Packages


This package is designed for the homeowner who isnt looking to stay in the home for long. Longevity and new colours aren’t as much a priority as price.


This package is designed for the homeowner that is looking to change up the colour and also get some longevity out of the paintjob.


This package is designed for the homeowner who wants to maximise the life of the paintjob as well as having their home protected to the max.
Packages Refresh New Look Max Life
Warranty Period
1 Year
5 Years
10 Years

Maximum Protection From the Elements

330% thicker coating
Upgrade to Elastomeric paint
Maximise time between paint jobs

Change Colour and Increase Washability

Second top coat applied - all surfaces
Upgrade to premium acrylic paint
Colour change available

Repair and Refresh Your Paintwork

Pressure clean + Mould kill
Protect items/surfaces
Repair cracks in paintwork
Remove flaking paint
Repair damage to masonry surfaces
Repair damage to timber surfaces
Spot prime repairs
Top coat applied - all surfaces
Trade paint range included

Roof Painting Packages


This package is designed for the homeowner who wants to refresh or change the colour of their roof.


This package is designed for the homeowner who wants to seal out the weather and get some longevity out of the paintjob


This package is designed for the homeowner who wants to maximise the life of the paintjob as well as having their home protected to the max.
Packages New Look Restore Max Life
Warranty Period
3 Year
10 Years
12 Years

Maximum Protection From the Elements

Colour life extender glaze coat
Longest warranty
Maximise time between paint jobs

Weatherproof and protect

Tile sealer adhesion coat
Premium elastomeric paint topcoats
330% thicker than normal paint
Increased weather/water proofing capabilities
Increased elasticity and impact resistance
Safe collection of drinking water

Maintain and recolour

Protect items/surfaces
Pressure wash roof
Clean out gutters and valleys
Premium acrylic paint topcoats


A REAL warranty

Ever heard of a “Tail light warranty”? If not it simply means once the contractors tail lights are out of sight your warranty ends.  

Now this might be funny and all but we decided to take your homes aesthetics and protection a little more seriously.

A lot of “warranties” aren’t worth the paper their written on. The typical written warranty for painting is derived from the paint manufacturers warranty and will cover blistering, flaking and peeling of paint.

Ok great but what are they actually going to do about the issue? Often replacement paint is sent out and the homeowner is expected to fix the issue and apply the new paint.

We didn’t think that was good enough, so we decided to create a REAL warranty.

Not only do we cover blistering, flaking and peeling paint, but we will come back to your property with fresh paint, fix the issue and repaint it ourselves. So if you have any problems with your new paintwork you can rest assured we have you covered for REAL.

Mitchel Kelly
Sterling Coating’s Founder

In 2008, I started a school-based apprenticeship at 15 years old. After my first day on the job, I knew I wanted to become a professional painter and decided to pursue a full-time apprenticeship a week later.
Working in construction at 16 years old I had to learn fast to keep up with the large, experienced work crew.

After my first year I moved to a new employer who worked on the largest scale projects including the world class Soul building in Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast University Hospital and the Southport Central Towers. Working in this environment I honed my painting and decorating skills working on multimillion dollar apartments. I also had incredible exposure to great leadership and was able to acquire practical skills as a leading hand on quite a few major government jobs.

Not long after having the opportunity at leading hand I was promoted to site foreman just before I had finished my apprenticeship at age 19. Managing teams of painters on projects: schools, hospitals and army barracks, I learned the importance of project management to ensure the highest standards and on time completion of jobs for the clients.

I became totally enthralled with business and delivering incredible service through a company. After some intensive research I managed to identify a gap in the Gold Coast painting market and decided to open a company. In 2013 I started what has now grow into Sterling Coating; a full home transformation solution. From colour scheme concepts, digital paint jobs, painting application and multiple painting products. We’ve built a team of paint applicators and Sterling Coating is ready to transform the many unique homes of the Gold Coast.

Where we work

Sterling Coating services all Gold Coast suburbs from Ormeau to Coolangatta and Maudsland to Southport. So if your in the Gold Coast region give us a call today and have your home transformed by the team at Sterling Coating.


Trusted By Industry Leaders

Why we love Taubmans paint

Taubmans is an Australian manufactured paint that has the backing from the multinational company PPG. We have tested many products on the market and Taubmans has tested to be our favourite for colour, finish and longevity.

As Taubmans is a major player in paint manufacturing, we are able to offer you, our customer, a range of options. From the trade range though to premium acrylic and onto the long life elastomeric coatings, we can offer the right product range to suit your homes needs and budget, all backed and guaranteed by the top manufacturer in the industry.

Recent Customers

 Mitch from Sterling Coating painted a house in Runaway Bay for me. The work was high standard and Mitch did his best to keep in touch with me so that everything went to plan.

I also employed Sterling Coating to paint some rooms this year and work again was of a very high standard. 

Marilyn Lalacci

Runaway Bay, Gold Coast

” I would like to thank Mitch and the team at Sterling Coating for another great job. This is the 3rd time I have used them for my home painting needs.

Mitch also did a great job in helping us with colours and the type of paint that would be suitable. We will definitely keep using them and would recommend them for any painting needs. 

Grant Loxton

Paradise Point, Gold Coast

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